Long-Term Care

Preparing your Parents

Read our post on Forbes.com entitled “How Do I Help My Parents Prepare For Long Term Care?”

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Long-Term Care [Preparing your Parents]

Long-Term Care Cost

Longer life span - Increase Cost

Read the Fox Business.com interview with Jake Lowrey, president of Lowrey Financial Group.

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Long-Term Care Cost [Longer life span - Increase Cost]

Choosing an IRA

Comprehensive Solutions

“Most people simply don’t know how to plan for retirement with changing government policies,” says Lowrey in an interview with InvestorIdeas.com.

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Choosing an IRA [Comprehensive Solutions]

IRA Planning

3 Factors Closely Considered

There’s been much talk about Obama and the “myRA” account. Financial advisor Jake Lowrey weeds through it all on lifehealthpro.com

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IRA Planning [3 Factors Closely Considered]

Teamwork Works!

Winning with the right team

Team up with Lowery Financial Group; the retirement professionals who will help you get to and through your golden years.

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Teamwork Works! [Winning with the right team]
Client Center

Client Center

Lowrey Financial Group is your retirement and long-term care planning providers. We offer premium services to help each of our clients carefully map out their financial future. We provide the resources and planning tools to help you financially succeed. Click here to see more.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Are you concerned about running out of money in retirement? Or paying too much in taxes? Should your retirement savings be invested in the stock market? If so, how much? Have you structured your financial affairs to efficiently pass your estate on to loved ones? Are you curious what long-term care programs you might qualify for? If you’re concerned or curious about these important financial topics, and others, then make plans to attend our upcoming financial workshop. Click here for dates, times, and locations of our upcoming seminars.

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