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Advising some of the nation's top entrepreneurs on money matters.

Co-founded a multi-billion dollar investment firm.

Reformed investment broker, current advocate of truth and transparency in investing.

I work because I want to not because I have to.

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Everyone has one, I know. Is mine that different? That illuminating? That profoundly helpful? Yes.

The format is a terrific way to impart wisdom, share my experiences and create an oddly meaningful relationship with you.

Plus, everyone says my soothing, low-country accent makes subway rides, yard work and long commutes, a real joy.


The Oath

  • I , a good-looking, generous and wicked smart individual, do hereby pledge to no longer accept the status quo that my life “is what it is."

  • I will crush my debt, conquer my finances and design a life that pursues my own dreams, not the dream of others.

  • I want proven strategies and tactics that will empower me to achieve the freedom I deserve, sent to:

  • My name isand my life is my own, to build how I choose. It is a design for abundant living that makes freedom a priority.

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