The top financial producers count on Shawn Sparks & his team

On a daily basis, Shawn is deeply involved in the practices of his valued producers, serving as a virtual extension of their offices. Not just a product specialist, Shawn offers the proactive, comprehensive support today’s agents and advisors need to excel. Roughly 100 of the nation’s top financial professionals count on Shawn’s team to help enhance their businesses and drive their profits upward.

“You guys are always there when I need you. Whether it’s a business idea to help a particular client or a last minute illustration or a heads up on a general sales idea, I know that you and your team are there
for me as a great partner. Shawn, since I began working with your team three years ago, my business is up over four hundred percent. Thank you for your help!”

– Bill G., Florida

The real value of Shawn’s support is reflected in the premium written by the producers he serves and the key connections of like minded advisors he has. In 2011, his advisors wrote a total of $650 million in production. His top producer wrote over $104 million in annuity premium, his top 10 averaged $26,787,720 and his #10 advisor wrote $12,385,929.

Within 24 months of joining Advisors Excel, Shawn’s producers average an increase of at least $2 million in annual annuity premium. At a 7% commission, that’s an average of $140,000 in additional revenue simply by partnering with Shawn’s team and letting them help you leverage what’s working right now for other top producers from coast to coast.