Retirement Prosperity Group is in the business of protecting and enhancing your wealth in retirement.

Retirement Prosperity Group provides holistic planning for clients who are currently retired or are planning for retirement – whether you are retired now, planning to retire in 5 years or in 15 years our roadmap is designed with your individual goals in mind.

We focus on all facets of your retirement plan to ensure that you get the very most out of what you have saved, to help you extend your savings years beyond what you might have imagined, and to give you the complete peace of mind that makes your retirement enjoyable and fulfilling.

Retirement should be the golden years of our lives, yet with retirement comes very real risks that need to be planned for so that you can truly enjoy your retirement years.

Our Retirement Prosperity Roadmap starts with creating a retirement income plan, which ensures the clients income needs and other financial objectives are met. Next we delve into the tough task of evaluating all of the risks retirees face and our team develops a customized plan to address each one.

With retirees living longer today the overarching risk in retirement is Longevity Risk (living longer than expected) and that risk multiplies other retirement risks – Sequence of Returns Risk, Public Policy Risk, Inflation Risk and last, but not least, Long Term Care Risk.

Our Retirement Prosperity Roadmap is built with each client in mind to focus on addressing and planning for all aspects of your plan from Wealth Preservation, Risk Mitigation, Tax Efficiency, Legacy Planning and Guaranteed Income for Life to Long Term Care protection.


1. We will discuss your FREE Retirement Prosperity Roadmap™ and Find out in What Year Your Current Retirement Plan Will Run Out of Money

2. Find out if you qualify for Tax-Free RMDs (required minimum distributions)

3. See if Safe Money Solutions, that guarantee principal protection with market-like rewards, are right for you

4. Looking for Long Term Care that you won’t lose if you don’t use it? We can guide you.

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