An independent financial services firm located in Wall, NJ.
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Family Focus Financial Group (FFFG)

Serving Ocean and Monmouth Counties

Family Focus Financial Group (FFFG) is an Independent Financial Services Firm located in Wall, New Jersey. We provide comprehensive investment advice and active portfolio management with a fiduciary responsibility to you, the individual investor. In addition we offer numerous Insurance options which include Life Insurance, Annuities, and Long Term Care Insurance. Kathleen Nolan has over 35 years of experience in many areas of finance and founded Family Focus Financial Group in 2007 with her son, Sean Nolan. Together they have grown their practice by maintaining close trusting relationships with each client. Here at Family Focus Financial Group, we are committed to providing objective consulting services for you and your family; diligently working to function without bias, conflict of interest or compromise.

What are the benefits of working with a Fiduciary Advisor

We understand how important it is for you to be able to trust and have confidence in your financial professional. Regardless of the direction the stock market and interest rates take in the future, it’s important to have a trusted advisor you can count on to give you honest straightforward advice and always look after your best interest.

Fiduciary standard of care means doing what is BEST for the client; namely, always putting the client’s interest before the advisor’s. It also means disclosing any possible conflicts of interest including compensation related to products or referral, as well as disclosure of all fees.

Today many advisors only adhere to a Suitability standard of care. This usually means the advisor need only suggest products that are suitable, not necessarily BEST, for your objectives, your income, and your age. Also, no disclosure is required for possible conflicts of interest. Typically, the advisor often recommends and promotes their Company´s products or Investments, which may not always be the best available to you, the consumer.

Kathleen A. Nolan is President of Family Focus Financial Group and has a Fiduciary standard of care. We have our Client´s best interest at heart when it comes to Financial Advice and Planning. We are experienced and responsive, and understand your need for integrity and transparency. Here at Family Focus Financial Group, we work for YOU!

Plan for financial independence

To schedule a complimentary, no obligation consultation to discuss your financial future, contact us at, or call us at 732-364-5462 today. For more information on our company or to request one of our complimentary reports, please let us know by filling out the form below!

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