inspiring stories


By Ally Devader

One thing I’ll always remember about my mom is that she was, and still is, always there. She’s truly present in everything she does and every role she plays. She’s a mom, a grandma and a business owner, and she dedicates her life to being the best she can be at each. As a kid,…

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By Angie Grau

One lesson my mom taught me is to care about “the little guy.” She was an elementary school teacher, and I went to high school with a group of her students. The kids from “good homes” would complain about how mean or tough she was, but the students from “broken homes” gushed with love about…

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By Angie Morris

My Mom Elaine, has molded me into the person that I am today.  I am proud to say that she has taught me a ton of life’s lessons that are all important, but probably one of my favorites that I feel has really stuck with me throughout my life is “To treat others how you…

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By Ashley Fulton

My mom.  My biggest cheerleader.  My travel companion.  My daily after-work phone call when driving home – she hopes it’s closer to 5 p.m. daily but still takes my call with a smile if it’s 6 p.m. or later. My grounding voice of reason when life throws me a curve ball.  My uplifting motivator when…

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By Brie Parks

I learned two of the most important life lessons from my mom – among so many others. Our family is and must be unconditional You are responsible for the outcome of your life. When I was 7 years old, we moved from Topeka to Seneca. It’s no surprise that it’s a hard adjustment to move…

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By Cindy McGowan

My mom, Linda Hobson, taught me the importance of blooming wherever you are planted. My dad was a career Army officer, retiring as a full colonel in 1992 after 30 years of service. Army life isn’t easy on families. We moved 13 times before I turned 21 – I went to five elementary schools –…

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By Denise Hanson

My mom, Renae, was adopted from Germany at the age of 6. She was abandoned by her birth parents – she can remember them dropping her off with her siblings in an alley and driving away on a motorcycle, waving goodbye to them. My Grandpa needed a boy to work on his farm and contacted…

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By Jayna Terhune

My mom, Donna, is such an inspiration to me.  She has been through so many trials in her lifetime, but has become better, stronger and more independent through them all.  Every single person she comes in contact with instantly loves her. She has such a kind soul.  I look up to my mom most for…

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By Jessica McCartney

“Always trust your gut” I thought it was kind of silly until I was old enough to actually have that “gut” feeling. Every time I listen to my gut, it works out. If I ignore a gut feeling,  I regret the decision.

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By Kelly Pierce

As Sunday, May 14 – Mother’s Day – approaches, I find myself thinking about my own amazing mother and all the life lessons she’s taught me. As a child, she encouraged me to wave and smile at people each day – even people I didn’t know. She made sure I understood everyone wants to feel…

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By Kelsey Smith

My mom gave me the gift of hospitality through her example. When I was little and she had friends over, she would always make a pot of coffee even though she didn’t drink it herself, and she’d buy sugar cubes to make it extra fancy. Overnight guests would stay in one of our rooms while…

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By Keri Graf

When I think of my mother, Jan Heinen Houpt: I see my mom drawing so many people to her because of her personality and character. She always makes everyone feel welcomed and not judged. My mom was all about looking her best, but she always taught me that a smile is the prettiest thing you…

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By Kristen Martinek

My mom always “played” with me and my siblings when we were kids. And she “plays” still with all of her grandkids. Board games, living room wrestling, pretend cooking, pretend school, “Tighter-tighter-looser-looser” (this is where you hug your child, and they say “tighter” or “looser” and you squeeze tighter or looser…but sometimes act like you’re…

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By Leann Medley

My mom’s motto in life that she poured into her three children was simply this, “People won’t remember what you say or do but how you made them feel.” She passed this on to her grandchildren, too. They know this from her well — so much so my daughter painted her a picture with her…

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By Liz Trimble

My mom, Paula, taught me to always remember, “It could always be worse.” I apply this lesson in every single aspect of my life and repeat it in my mind several times a day. I often find myself reminding others of this quote, hoping to remind them to be grateful their “bump in the road”…

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By Maegan Heiserman

This one’s tough for me. Me…your right-hand girl…the one who helped answer your questions about this theme…yes, me. I had the opposite of an inspiring or even emotionally present mom when I was growing up. My childhood sucked and I’m pretty sure I’ve blocked out most of it. What I do remember about my mother…

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By Mallory McDaniel

My mom taught my sister and me that we are in charge of our own happiness. Even when life throws an obstacle at you, it will also provide you with loved ones to get through it!

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By Megan Marsh

I struggled with this a bit but felt that honesty is the best policy. I didn’t have a great mom growing up. She was distant and disconnected from me.  She worked long hours, was away from home most of the time and never made it to any of my important school functions. My dad did…

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By Priscilla Feek

When I was six weeks old, my father passed away suddenly. My mother was left to raise two boys in their early teens, a 3 year old, and me (not even 2 months old). She had lost a baby a few years before to a liver disease and now her husband and the father of…

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By Samantha Dereka

My mom taught me that it is never too late to achieve your dreams. After being an ER nurse for 14 years, my mom decided she wanted to go to law school. She aced the LSAT, then spent the next four years working as a nurse, taking night classes AND being a mom to two…

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By Tori Forrestt

How I knew my mom was stronger than she will ever know. My mom has taught me a life lesson and I doubt she even realizes that she did. Growing up, I always knew it was very difficult for my mom to get pregnant. They tried and tried and lost a few pregnancies along the…

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By Tracy Killough

As a child, my mom taught me to use my manners because people deserve to have dignity and respect.  Ultimately, this lesson also taught me the value of compassion and that we never know the journey of the people we meet. These lessons continue to shape my world view and I’m proud to teach these…

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